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Locating Missing Relatives and Beneficiaries

We specialise in locating missing persons, whether a long lost relative or the beneficiary of an estate. We can undertake tracing enquiries on your behalf at any location throughout the entire United Kingdom.

Whether you require a professional operative to visit the last known address of a relative or whether you wish us to attend at a local Probate Registry, we can accommodate you.

Our highly knowledgeable staff are able to draw on years of experience in order to provide you with the most expeditious and cost effective solution to your tracing requirements.

More often than not, we can successfully locate long lost relatives with nothing more than a starting name and address. In the absence of a last known address, we can usually progress your enquiry with simply a name and date of birth.

We can legally profile an individual’s particulars seeking any relevant entries recorded in our various legitimately accessed data-bases. Our resources combine millions of entries legitimately acquired from a variety of licensed information providers.

To complement our efforts, we can also undertake registry searches in order to locate and obtain certificates of marriage, birth and death.

These can be carried out either nationally with the general registers or by our representatives visiting the offices of localised Registrars.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your individual needs so why not call our friendly staff to obtain a competitively priced quote.”

Call Us Today: 020 8390 1942
(or 07703 345 647 24hrs A day, 7 Days A Week!)

Or why not send us an Enquiry Form?


Ian Beim is a Full Member of The Association of British Investigators, the legal profession's preferred and only accredited supplier of Investigative Services.

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Ian Beim is also a member of the World Association of Detectives.

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